Do I need a permit to purchase fireworks?
Yes. See further information on NSW DIY and Fireworks School

How much room do I need to have a fireworks display?
Only a few metres for indoor and from 30m for outdoor displays. Contact us to discuss your site specific details.

How much time do I need to organise a display?
State regulators can require up to several weeks to approve displays. In NSW it is a minimum 10 working days.

What about insurance?
We have comprehensive public liability insurance for all our displays.

Is there a local operator in my area?
Fireworks Australia has connections with operators all over Australia. If we can’t help you we will happily provide the details of the best technicians in your area who can.

How do I get a fireworks licence?
Go to our Fireworks School website to see any details of our upcoming training programs in your area.

Is working with fireworks completely awesome?