Wholesale Fireworks

The supply of fireworks parts and materials to fireworks display providers has been our core business for over 20 years.

We stock the world’s best fireworks, from the smallest indoor special effects to the largest aerial shells. We proactively search out the best ideas and manufacturers and constantly update our range. Apart from fireworks we supply hardware such as mortars and racks in various styles. We have freight arrangements to just about every corner of Australia.
Each year we host Australia’s biggest fireworks demo night in Gunning NSW. This event showcases more than 130 different fireworks effects every year and is a great forum for industry members. Visit our website

For more information www.gunningfireworksfestival.com.au

Fireworks Australia is an agent for the world class stage fireworks manufacturer ULTRATEC SPECIAL EFFECTS from the USA.

Fireworks Australia (using our Dynamite and Dominator brands) supplies the best consumer fireworks available in Australia to the NT market on 1st July each year and we welcome wholesale inquiries.

So whether you are a new licensed technician or an old hand we encourage you to contact us for a catalogue or visit our facility to see the huge range and value we offer.