Hire Fireworks Displays & Pyrotechnics for Events

Want a simple way to make an occasion memorable? Hire a fireworks display! We cater for any events that want a brilliant finale! Such as school fetes, weddings, festivals, country shows, concerts, product launches, Christmas Carols, Australia Day, New Year’s Eve, and significant community and cultural events.

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Hire Fireworks for Events

We can provide you with the ‘wow factor’ you need for an upcoming event or some slick stage FX for your next theatre show if you hire fireworks for events with us.

Our professional team at Fireworks Australia are a well-established pyrotechnic company operating all across Australia for over 20 years, specialising in various diverse effects to fit any event.

Our main focus is on generating stunning fireworks displays, extending our services to indoor displays, outdoor fireworks, sporting events indoor fireworks, wedding fireworks, or simply celebrating you.

Inexpensive Fireworks Delight

Most people are amazed at how inexpensive a stunning fireworks display can be, especially when compared to hiring bands or other forms of public entertainment. A quotation for a fireworks display will cost you nothing and is quite likely to open new opportunities.

Fireworks displays bring large audiences, and if you desire more people to attend  your special day or special event, fireworks are the solution. Nothing pulls folks in like a spectacular fireworks display.

Leaving an Explosive Lasting Impression

The unforgettable experience will also leave a long-lasting legacy for the next event, as people will recall how fantastic the show was the last time around. And in turn, guests will return the next time you hold an outdoor display.

Fireworks Australia has several examples of events that saw fast growth once a high-quality show was added to the event line-up. Your special day could be next!

What We Offer

Fireworks Australia’s mission is to create a wonderful outcome by building on the client’s vision, supported by our designers, world-class technology, knowledge, and exceptional service. The following is just a handful of what we have to offer you and your special event:

  • Specifically designed fireworks display with almost 1500 distinct potential effects.
  • A completely planned and optional music-synchronised display.
  • The application of cutting-edge technologies and hardware from across the world
  • Other technologies are being integrated, including lasers, flames, cold sparks, CO2 jets, and lights.
  • Moving platforms, roofs, performers, jet skis, stunt cars, or barges are all possibilities.

Fireworks Australia is a service-oriented firm that is eager to assist our clients in producing a successful performance. Our professional team has a wealth of expertise working with event units, event workers, WHS managers, council and agency personnel, and event committees. Whether large or small, each event is created and performed to provide a tremendous ‘wow factor.’

We Have You Covered

When dealing with pyrotechnics, it’s important to ensure all legal and safety measures are met. Our highly professional team provides clients with all the appropriate insurance, risk assessment, approvals and a detailed safety management plan.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your fireworks display is coordinated by a team of fully licensed pyrotechnicians. Furthermore, we organise all permits and notifications to all the appropriate authorities, ensuring there is no additional stress for you and that every display is fully insured.

So, if you’re wondering about your next big day, why not add excitement and fun by enhancing the event with our quality products and team by supplying your guests with a breath-taking fireworks display at your chosen location?

If you require further assistance or would like to discuss what we have covered in the blog above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fireworks Australia provides approved licenced services in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin and all major regional centres.

Fireworks Display FAQs

What is a display of fireworks called?

A display of fireworks, also known as a "fireworks show" or "fireworks display," is a breathtaking spectacle that captivates audiences with its vibrant bursts of light and mesmerising patterns. This event is typically organised to celebrate special occasions such as national holidays, New Year"s Eve, weddings, festivals, sporting events, or other significant milestones.

During a fireworks display, a wide variety of pyrotechnic devices are often synchronised to music to create an awe-inspiring performance. These fireworks come in different shapes and sizes, including aerial shells, rockets, fountains, sparklers, Roman candles, and more. Each type of firework produces distinct visual effects, such as colourful explosions, sparkling comets, crackling sounds, and even whistling effects, enhancing the overall visual and auditory experience.

Fireworks shows are carefully planned and orchestrated by skilled pyrotechnicians who have in-depth knowledge of firework properties and safety procedures. These experts make sure the fireworks are set off in a controlled and safe manner to prevent accidents and protect the spectators and surrounding environment.

Pyrotechnics is the art and science of creating and displaying fireworks. It involves the design, manufacture, and use of various pyrotechnic compositions and devices to produce the stunning effects seen in fireworks shows. 

Why are fireworks illegal in Australia?

Fireworks are subject to strict regulations and, in most cases, are illegal for private use in Australia due to several key reasons:

  1. Safety Concerns: Fireworks can be dangerous when mishandled or used by individuals without proper training. Mishaps can result in serious injuries to users or bystanders, ranging from burns and eye injuries to more severe harm.
  1. Fire Hazards: Fireworks have the potential to cause fires, especially in dry and hot conditions prevalent in some parts of Australia. Uncontrolled fireworks can ignite vegetation, buildings, or other flammable materials, leading to property damage and even endangering lives.
  1. Noise Disturbance: The loud noises produced by fireworks can be distressing to pets, wildlife, and individuals with sensory sensitivities, leading to disturbances in residential areas.
  1. Environmental Impact: The chemicals used in fireworks can have environmental consequences. When fireworks are set off outdoors, the remnants and fallout can contaminate soil and water sources, impacting ecosystems.
  1. Public Nuisance: The unrestricted use of fireworks can lead to public nuisance issues, disrupting communities and causing discomfort to residents, especially during late hours.
  1. Illicit Trade: Banning private use helps control the illegal import and sale of potentially dangerous fireworks. These illicit fireworks may not meet safety standards and pose additional risks.
  1. Professional Expertise Required: Fireworks displays require expertise and experience to be carried out safely. By restricting their use to licensed professionals, the risk of accidents is significantly reduced, as these experts understand the safety protocols and have proper training to handle pyrotechnics safely.

It should be noted that Territory Day in the Northern Territory is a unique exception in Australia, as it is the only time of the year when members of the general public can legally own and ignite fireworks without a permit. This special day allows residents to enjoy personal fireworks displays and celebrate the territory"s self-governance anniversary.

However, it's important to note that outside of Territory Day, fireworks remain strictly outlawed for consumer use throughout the year in both the Northern Territory and in every other part of Australia.