Online Fireworks Training & Pyrotechnics Course

So you’re interested in acquiring your pyrotechnics licence but don’t know where to begin. We offer a professional and competitive fireworks course at Fireworks Australia to suit every pyrotechnic enthusiast. The following blog explores our online pyrotechnics course and training program.

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Join the Pyro Crew

As a registered training organisation, our pyrotechnics course is intended to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to develop and safely run their own pyrotechnic shows upon successful completion.

Whether for leisure or your own business, our nationally recognised course will enable you to conduct pyrotechnic displays that’ll leave your family and friends envious.

The course covers five national recognised units of competency and upon successful completion you will be able to apply for your state based fireworks operator’s license.

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Pyrotechnics Course Explained

Let's explore what our fireworks course has to offer.

Ever-Changing Landscape

As a pandemic hit the world, work and course structures shifted to accommodate an ever-changing landscape. Classroom training and office attendance became a distant memory, but hybrid forms of working and learning became more of a permanent fixture as the world slowly recovered.

Hybrid Learning

As of May 2020, participants have been able to complete a substantial portion of their pyrotechnics course online before attending a field training session, which is usually held on weekends. Our various units and training packages cover many topics, such as health and safety requirements and how to operate fireworks systems safely.

Trainers with vast industry expertise will walk you through planning, building, and shooting safe fireworks display while helping you develop skills to operate your own pyrotechnic displays.

Before You Begin

Just like anything worthwhile, there are a few prerequisites to meet in order to obtain your pyrotechnic licence. But don't fret; they're just precautions and can be completed without breaking a sweat.

Before obtaining a pyrotechnics licence, it is a requirement to acquire a police and/or security check, as every state and territory requires it. Simply complete this step, and you're ready to learn at our very own fireworks school! Check with your State regulator which is the correct security check or contact us for advice.

Obtaining your Pyrotechnics Licence

As the course is mostly online, it can be completed in most major cities and regional areas within Australia. Upon completion, you will have satisfied the regulatory need to apply for a fireworks licence and can apply your new leanings in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Working as a licenced technician on another company's fireworks crew
  • Starting your own fireworks business as more people hire fireworks for wedding, birthday and special events
  • Adding your talents to your present business or job

What's Stopping You?

With hybrid learning and the opportunity to attain your pyrotechnics licence from almost anywhere in Australia, the time to upskill or simply acquire a new skill has come. Studying a fireworks course that will enrich your work and personal life at Fireworks Australia has never been easier.

Is this an accredited course?

Yes, Fireworks Australia is a registered training organisation, and the fireworks course is completely accredited within Australia.

Can I get a job after the course?

As the course grants you an accredited pyrotechnics competency certificate upon completion, you are able to apply for a pyrotechnics licence and jobs within the industry as you are now a skilled pyrotechnician. Licences are issued by State regulatory agencies (such as Safework NSW). If you have a training certificate and the security check completed, a licence can be obtained easily. 

What do I need to bring to the course?

That"s easy; all you need is writing equipment such as a pen and paper for your notes, but most importantly, a positive attitude. Then, you're on your way to becoming a licensed fireworks operator. Most theory training is done online at your own pace. The field days are fun and a great learning opportunity. The fireworks school is simply the best way to obtain a fireworks licence.

Note: Fireworks Australia does not train people in the manufacture of fireworks.  The course is a government approved skills training system for the safe planning, preparation and delivery of licenced fireworks shows.

The licenced training can be provided online to students in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and all regional areas.