Hire Fireworks & Pyrotechnics For Weddings in NSW

Fireworks Australia would like to offer the newly married couple a variety of Fireworks and Special Effects options to help celebrate this very special day.

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Your big day is set, but you're searching for a unique and exciting approach to making your wedding day even more memorable. What could be more memorable than an explosive fireworks display?

With a variety of wedding fireworks packages to choose from that caters for indoor and outdoor fireworks, when you partner with Fireworks Australia for high-quality wedding fireworks, rest assured your big day will be celebrated in spectacular style.

Let us do the Heavy Lifting

We understand wedding planning is a mammoth task and adding a wedding fireworks display to your already exhausting list may be daunting, but at Fireworks Australia, we'll do the heavy lifting, giving you peace of mind while you plan the great of the wedding.

Along with providing newlyweds with a selection of wedding pyrotechnics, such as traditional and low-noise fireworks, we also offer jaw-dropping special effects, such as dry ice machines, low fog machines, and silver fountains. We can make any grand entrance or first dance, an explosive occasion with any wedding fireworks you choose.

What we have to Offer

At Fireworks Australia, wedding fireworks are our specialty, but we understand there are many variables to consider when choosing the right firework display.

Outdoor Fireworks Display

Some couples prefer an outdoor fireworks display. This might be as simple as scattered driveway fountains accompanied by music or a sign for the pair in pyrotechnics at the end of the evening. The wedding fireworks might also be a full-scale show for the most amazing finale and photo opportunity.

Indoor Fireworks for Weddings

Wedding fireworks do not need to be limited, as we offer a variety of packages to suit any happy couple. People are surprised to hear that indoor fireworks are not only one of our most popular packages but also the most impressive.

Whether you decide to celebrate the bridal waltz or grand entrance with a fireworks display, our wedding packages highlight special moments with a special 'wow factor.'

Fireworks For Wedding Cost

As we provide several packages that span several type of events, we understand getting lost in the world of pyrotechnics is easy. At Fireworks Australia, all our pyrotechnics are fully licenced - most even finishing the accredited course we offer - so your wedding will host the utmost professional fireworks display.

As there are many variables to consider, the costs of a wedding fireworks display vary. Simply contact one of our friendly representatives from our Sydney or NSW locations, and they will be able to provide further details on packages and costs for your special day and specific venue. Even if you are in another State, we will direct you to the most reputable providers in your area as a courtesy.

Why Hire Fireworks for your Wedding?

As you celebrate your special day with friends and family, why not add a unique spin to an already memorable day? Imagine the photos celebrating the happy couple with a wedding firework display in the backdrop or a small light show as the couple cuts the cake or enters the wedding reception.

The possibilities are boundless as you narrow down a wedding theme. Whether you're after a traditional fireworks display or special effects, Fireworks Australia has many choices as you count the days to your first dance.


Can you Legally Buy Fireworks online in Australia?

Apart from some exceptions in the Northern Territory and Tasmania, it is illegal to purchase, store, possess or discharge a firework with the correct licence and permits

Do I Need a Permit?

If you are planning on letting off fireworks, even if you are licenced, you will need to obtain a permit to do so. In NSW, there is a system that public events can be issued a fireworks permit without a licence – a DIY show. The application form is here. If you are in NSW, have a public event and might want to do your own fireworks show – give us a call and we can assist.

Are Wholesale Fireworks Cheaper?

Like anything else, when buying in bulk, savings are made. At Fireworks Australia, we offer wholesale fireworks to our loved licenced customers as we believe pyrotechnics should be enjoyed by everyone at the right price.

Fireworks Australia is your premium choice wedding partner in Canberra, Sydney and surrounding regions of N.S.W. Contact us to discuss about your ideas.